Vincent Keith!

Vincent’s Current Workings


Vincent is currently a barista who grew up in Chicago. He always had a knack for figuring out how things work, even as a child. He was deeply interested in engines and electronics as a child and through high school excelled in those types of classes. Not wanting to go to college, his father, a trader, got Vincent a job working as a clerk at the Chicago board of trade for Aaron Bonelli, a big time broker/hedgefund manager. Vincent spent his free time lusting after women, socializing, and tearing down and rebuilding engines and computers. While working for Aaron Bonelli Aaron soon learned Vincent’s natural affinity for all things mechanical. One evening Aaron gave Vincent a ride home and noticed his car sounded kind of strange. Vincent offered to fix it the next day at work and Aaron decided to let him try, for some reason he really liked the kid. Vincent was successful and even tweaked and upgraded the car’s sound system. Thinking Vincent thought of himself as someone special Aaron felt it was his job to cut the kid down to size. Aaron had a few of his friends mess up a couple cars in the parking lot and challenged Vincent to fix them which he did. Thinking Vincent nothing more than a grease monkey,Aaron brought in broken objects to see if Vincent could fix them which he could. Every successful trial made Aaron a bit angrier and a bit more curious. Over 3 years Aaron’s contest of stumping Vincent got so absurd he began asking Vincent to stop fixing things Aaron purposefully broke and create different items from scratch. First it was a simple aerosol can. Then it was a rudimentary pencil sharpener for his desk. Next a fan for his desk. One time he even paid for the parts to make a motorized floor buffer just to see Vincent try it. There were often long periods of time when Aaron was paying Vincent to work his craft instead of doing any clerking. For Aaron this was almost as fun as making money, which he found very fun. He was most surprised however at just how well Vincent handled himself socially. Interacting with other employees and clients when they visited, Vincent always made an impression. Eventually Aaron offered Vincent a job as a broker and began to take Vincent under his wing. They went out together at first to discuss business, then for fun, and soon Vincent was spending most of his time at work hanging out with Aaron if he wasn’t bringing in more clients. Soon they became almost inseparable and Aaron began to see Vincent as the son he never had. Aaron had Vincent over for dinner every other night with his wife and two daughters. However, Vincent soon learned that Aaron’s fortune was not exactly on the up-and-up. Aaron confided in Vincent and told him that, although his trading has made him a few million bucks, most of his fortune comes from his other job. He is a lead figure in a major crime syndicate. In fact, he is the head boss of Chicago reporting only to the regional bosses of the Midwest, east, west, north, south, south west, south east, north east, and north west. Aaron is at the same level as the heads of all the major cities such as New York, L.A., Cleveland, St. Louis, etc. Vincent soon joined in, preferring to shake people down verbally when possible, find information and taking care of tech things when needed. Although he knew people were killed, Vincent made sure to avoid those situations. He left rooms, closed doors, ran away, drove around blocks and many other things to make sure he didn’t see or hear anything. He has fired a gun several times but never at anyone, just at the range. 2 years of this life was enough and he wanted out. Aaron agreed but couldn’t let Vincent go to far so he arranged a job for him at starbucks across the street from the board of trade. Aaron comes by every couple of days to catch up and always leaves Vincent a generous $300 tip to make sure that Vincent is “taken care of.” Hoping to lead a more mundane life Vincent enjoys his new job and meets some interesting people on a regular basis. Choosing to avoid details, he usually tells acquaintances he has spent the last eight years traveling and teaching English in Asia to over privileged high school students near Victoria Bay. Since many have already studied English for many years, his lack of Cantonese seems to be somewhat plausible. Vincent does not like talking about his past and has spent the last year working at a Starbucks across from the C.B.O.T. where many of his old colleagues visit in the morning. He seems to carry himself unusually well for a hipster looking man working as a barista. He has a strong presence about him socially and is hardly ever told “no” when he is trying to tell people what they need to do.


Recently a couple of strange people crashed through the window of the starbucks only to have Vincent see them unharmed. A slender attractive woman and a tall muscular man with curly hair stood unscathed. After fleeing the scene Vincent followed them down an alley only to find a dead end with a dead man who was surprisingly unmarked. No blood, no wounds just dead. After calling the police and leaving the scene he went to see the only man he knew might be straight, Father Karelli, fearing that something from his past may have been coming to haunt him. He found the father gone but was called the next day by gentleman. After explaining what he saw he met several friends of the father. He learned that they had been tracking this woman. He and a infamous Asian doctor followed some dead leads. Vincent next met with the rest of the newly met crew at a warehouse. They reconvened later at steak and shake where the group expressed a dire need for a “safe house.” Vincent somehow took care of it the next day and provided the group a most secure place.


After meeting at the new place the group decided to monitor the warehouse they were at the night before. Vincent and Mel dropped off Bruiser and _. Before leaving Vincent unsuccessfully attempted to find some information from the neighboring warehouse by first hacking into several computer networks seeing nothing of interest and then walked over to the warehouse directly only to be confronted by several Asians who were all but willing to provide Vincent with the information requested. This in itself is a rare occurrence. Sensing some secrecy, Vincent decided he was going to get the information. Several hours after leaving the scene where Vincent dropped off the others, he and the rest of the group returned. A couple hours after arriving two men, one of whom who was the man at the coffee shop, approached the van quickly. The other car decided to try to ram the man only to see him flip over the car. Vincent could hardly see the fight through the rain but he and Chewy decided to pick up Bruiser and _ only to watch as Bruiser jumped out the van and was struck by Chewy’s car. Vincent jumped into the driver’s seat of the van under a barrage of gun fire and witnessed several conspicuous lighting strikes through the window of a warehouse. Bruiser had then begun to charge the warehouse with no regard for his safety. Vincent was successful in convincing Bruiser to stop his juggernaut and reckless approach toward the warehouse but when trying to drive the van away, an unseen burnt tire caused the van to spin and face Vincent towards the danger. Before he could cower, Vincent was struck by two bullets. He was eventually able to muster the courage to jump into another car and sped off with the group to the safehouse.


Vincent was hurt but stable and the group decided to meet up to discuss the previous night’s events with father karelli the next afternoon. That morning however Mel continued his strange behavior by asking Vincent to construct a sound proof booth in the corner of the safehouse from the rubble in order to practice his music. Vincent always seems to notice Mel’s strange behavior and remarks and is a bit suspicious. Vincent is starting to believe Mel is autistic or mentally unhinged. Later in the day Vincent received a phone call from his friend and learned that the Japanese warehouse is a huge front for the Japanese mafia which is transporting humans, guns and drugs from the warehouse location which explains their combative behavior with Vincent as well as the strange feeling he experienced when talking to them. With no new leads Vincent took it upon himself to try and mount a camera on an adjacent warehouse to monitor the warehouse where the suspects ran into the night before. Impossible as it seemed, Vincent noticed that the warehouse which had been all but decimated from lightning strikes the night before was in perfect shape. In fact there was almost no signs of any struggle at all save a few burn marks from the van. The camera the group had originally spotted was gone and so after finding almost nothing worthwhile in the surrounding computer systems he called Mel. Mel always seems to somehow sense strange things and thought to inform him of the situation. Mel brought the group with him. After seeing the same things Vincent saw the group noticed that the Japanese warehouse began moving in crates to the warehouse where the suspects had fled to. It seems to have been acquired by them.

Session 4

Vincent heads back to the safe house and helps mike set up. Heading back to Chewy’s, Mike found traces that the place had been searched and calls to let everyone know. Knowing that Chewy had the only car with a license plate, Vincent hacked the secretary’s state department to see if anyone had looked up Chewy’s information. He did find that one Haujin Goopda had searched Chewy’s information that day. While Chewy and Harvey went to the DMV to find Goopda, Vincent continued to work at the safe house. Upon discussion the group decided to try to gather more information by linking an apartment to Chewy’s name. Vincent set the bank accounts and later helped to set up Chewy’s new place with surveillance.

Session 5

The group decides to head to the new club called “The Den” to meet up Chewy’s ex-wife’s friend. Through some successful banter the group was able to avoid the line and enter. While inside Vincent headed straight to the dance floor to find the hottest chicks in the bar. After finding a group and buying several rounds of shots, he text messaged Aaron to find out what he knew of this place. Aaron’s warnings were stern, telling Vincent that no one ever enters The Den, even the people he knows and to be careful. Vincent then decided he wanted to meet these people and knew they would be in VIP. Sending a text, Micheal pointed to a steel door that most likely held the VIP’s. Having been in similar scenes before, he knew he needed to show some money. Borrowing $2,000 from Micheal he approached the door and knocked with the group of beautiful women in tow he knocked and said he was here to check this new place out in Mr. Bonelli’s stead. Aaron is well known enough that dropping his actual name is a big deal and has always yielded results. This time however, the person on the other side of the door did not care and simply said “you are not a member here. Goodbye.” Vincent returned the money to Micheal and decided he was at least going to get laid and refocused his efforts. Suddenly he got a text from Mel stating that Bruiser was knocked out and then one from Micheal to throw away his cell phone. Vincent decided to simply turn it off, after all he had numbers he didn’t want to lose. Then a commotion exploded seemingly out of no where. Well dressed men swept onto the dance floor and many people ran out of the front door. Vincent looked around and noticed that everyone had left when something caught his eye towards the back of the door. It was Bruiser and he was being carried away by the well dressed men in suits. Vincent approached and knocked on the door. One of the men answered and asked what Vincent wanted. Vincent, without thinking, said he saw them take his friend inside that door and wanted to know what was happening. The man said, “Oh really? That’s your friend? Come with me!” Vincent jumped back and ran towards the nearest exit. They met at the safe house. Unsure what to do about Bruiser, Micheal suggested that they go back to the club and burn it down if Vincent couldn’t hack into anything. Mel disappeared only to return pleading for 24 hours. The next day Bruiser was found in the nearby hospital, alive but beaten.

Session 6

After about 45 min of sleep Vincent was awoken with a phone call. Aaron tipped Vincent off that the priest may be in danger. He awoke Mel to tell him and he told Mel not to tell the others that he knew. The group went to the church to find that the priest was no where to be found. Shortly after the group was attacked by two gunmen and an unknown assailant hiding in a locked office. The group dispatched of the gunmen and Mike, Chewy and Vincent took the one body of the barely living gunmen to the car. Against Vincent’s pleads the group let him die. They dumped the body and Vincent crashed.

Session 7

Vincent woke up to find Mel and Micheal missing. Chewy was sleeping. Vincent decided to it was time to fight back. He set a meeting up with Aaron. In exchange for several items Aaron needed a laptop stolen from a company which is worth 8 figures on the blackmarket. After leaving the meeting he reluctantly met up with the newly met Roland, and Harvey at the den. Vincent was able to sneak past the bouncer undetected but was spotted and reconized shortly after. He ran to the entrance only to be stopped. He then ran out of another door where a bouncer was standing. Vincent grabbed a bottle while running out and hit the bouncer in the head. The bouncer, dazed, attacked. Vincent threw the bottle and ran. He continued running until he was clear from danger.

Vincent Keith

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