Second murder

The next murder after the massacre at Nevin’s Pub occurred a month later, in a house in a nice upper middle class subdivision. A man and his wife, William and Susan Aronowicz, were killed, reportedly with a Zippo lighter, matching the description of the one at Nevin’s, in hand.

Harvey and Ed went to the scene the next night (the night of the first meeting with Father Colerelli). The house was taped off, but oddly no footprints were found, despite the fact that it had been rainy and muddy the day before. The front door had been forced open in one motion, an indication of great strength.

Harvey and Ed went into the home, finding the main floor orderly. On the second floor they discovered the murder scene in the master bedroom. The bed was soaked with blood on one side (his), while the other side was clean save for some splatter. The splatter originated from the corner of the room, however, where a small pool of blood had accumulated as well. Clearly a second attack had been made there. Found in the nightstands were some pills (his side) and a silver dagger resembling a letter opener (her side), which had been marked as evidence, but never taken from the scene.

While inspecting the master bedroom, Harvey and Ed heard a car approaching. Ed is apparently blind as a bat, because he didn’t realize all the lights were on in the house before he peeked out the window to see the squad car pull up in front. Realizing they’d probably been spotted, Harvey and Ed moved to the office facing the back of the house, but found nothing of interest.

The cops entered the house as Harvey and Ed made their way downstairs to face the music. They were frisked, had their guns seized and ID’s taken. Somehow they managed to talk their way out of arrest (and even got their guns back), but had to retreat from the scene back to the church.

The group decided to return to the house that night to retrieve the dagger, but by the time they got there the property was crawling with cops, including the two that had discovered Harvey and Ed. With no opportunity to get back into the house, the group resorted to other plans while cursing Harvey and Ed’s bumbling stupidity.

Second murder

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