Entry 2

Entry 2, Harvey Raines

You ever have one of those days?

This is definitely one of them. After getting busted by the cops, the group plans on going back for the afore mentioned silver dagger. Guess what: the cops who showed up were still there, and now they brought friends. The scene was covered with cops: so much for sneaking back in.

There were still other leads to follow up on. I took my brother to the impound lot to check out Chelmecky’s car. All we found was a knife and a Glock mediocre. Nothing out of the ordinary. I find out that he quit his job at Best Buy about 6 months ago for unknown reasons. Maybe it was something he saw on one of his home visits? We check out the last few places he visited, and only 2 seem suspicious. I figured that we can hit those places after we go to the pub.

None of us had been back to Nevins since that horrible night. I didn’t think that it would have affected me the way it did. I was a detective for over a decade, but the vast majority of the time, I showed up after the crime. Walking through that door was almost impossible; I just couldn’t get the memories out of my head. It took a while, but I made it in with the rest of the group. Nothing upstairs, nothing in the kitchen or restrooms.

Last place to check was the basement. Last place I wanted to go was the basement.

After we went downstairs, we checked out the place for a while. I was still kinda freaked out, plus my senses were dulled from the swigs I took from the well drinks that were left behind. I got to admit that I was pretty embarrassed when I couldn’t find anything after spending so much time down there, especially when everyone else spotted the trap door behind the staircase. The door led to a secret underground room which appeared to be some sort of barracks fit for 4. It was stocked with all sorts of archaic weapons, materials for Molotov cocktails, and sharpened wooden stakes. We are looking for “vampires”, remember? Some people are obviously taking this a bit more seriously than our group. The last item of interest was the decor: a painting showcasing the “VH” emblem. I’m pretty sure that these guys weren’t getting ready for the next Van Halen concert.

Entry 2

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