Entry 1

Entry 1, Harvey Raines

It was a month after the blood bath at Nevin’s before I started to get any “good” leads. I say that with a heaping of skepticism not because of the source, but, well, because it was tough to wrap my head around. Vampires? Really? I really wasn’t buying it, but that’s all that the priest was selling. Just cause it was so tough to believe doesn’t mean that I will just accept the fact that the killers are really undead bloodsuckers from beyond the grave.

Anyway, the priest does give us some more unpleasant news about another murder in the city. He also gave us the info on Chelmecky, or “Hair Spray guy” from Nevins. I took the doctor to the new crime scene while the rest of the group went to visit the residence of the recently deceased Chelmecky. When we got there, there were no uniformed officers present and all of the lights on at the home. I was pretty suspicious, especially since this was the scene of another brutal killing. No cops, though? Something wasn’t adding up. I figured that the cops would worry about this overlooked fact later, and that the scene had already been taken care of and there not being much of anything left for us to check out.

Apparently, the house had been left as is after the bodies had been removed. Someone screwed up and left a murder scene unattended. We try to make good time in the house, starting in the master bedroom to check the scene of the crime. Blood everywhere on the bed, and an additional (and as yet unidentified) pool of blood on the other side of the room. The only thing to capture our attention was the silver dagger that was located in the left side of the bed’s night stand. Sadly, our luck ran out when the cops showed back up ended our little investigation. Whether it was my arrogance, want to just find out first, or just me jumping the gun and wanting to figure out what the hell was going on, it cost us the dagger and whatever else the cops may have found. I have to know what is going on, but not at the expense of my colleagues or myself.

Entry 1

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